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Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours on Amelia Island



Old Towne Carriage Company


Take a leisurely carriage ride on Amelia Island as you learn the history and see the landmarks in our 50-block downtown district which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Old Towne Carriage Company is the oldest carriage company on Amelia Island providing services to the residents and guests at this quiet Victorian seaport.


Amelia Island is the home of the historic City of Fernandina Beach. All of our tours include a guide who describes the landmarks and the history of the area.
You will learn about the Timucuan Indians who have been traced back to 2000 BC; the discovery by the French in 1562; and our history since that time while Amelia Island was under 8 different flags, more than any other city in the U.S.



To pull our Amelia Island carriages, we only use pure-bred Belgian Draft Horses. These are the largest and strongest of all breeds and are known as "gentle giants" because of their calm disposition and friendly demeanor.

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